What is unboxing?

Hey travel girls and travel boys! 🙂

Are you interested in why is my travel website/ travel blog called as it is called? Why is it the “Unboxing Traveller”? When I was looking for a niche of my blog, I was inspired by many unboxing videos of consumer electronics that I’ve seen in my previous job. That was exactly the time when I was still dreaming about traveling and what paid my bills was a job where I had to plan and coordinate product launches of gaming and music headsets. All of the technical videos made me think, that this world needs some more simple, travel and funny videos of the local products. So I created the “Unboxing Traveller”, quit my job and started to travel. Here is some more story behind about “unboxing” and my own videos…

Explanation n.1 by Wikipedia:
“Unboxing is the unpacking of new products, especially high tech consumer products. The product’s owner captures the process on video and later uploads it to the web. The term has been labeled a new form of “geek porn.”

Explanation n.2 by me:
“Unboxing is the unique, first experience of discovering something new. Testing it, presenting the features and giving a review from their personal perspective of the experience. Plus….who said that it has to be only for electronics?!”

Why have I created the “unboxing traveller”?
I want to bring you the unique feeling that I will have while “unboxing” local, unique and genuine products or services that I will run into on the road. I am really curious if I will be able to find some genuine stuff that will be worth presenting on my blog. It could range from local products, food, accommodation, activities… anything that is special, funny and interesting to share with you. I am also looking forward to receiving some tips for my “unboxing videos” 🙂

Here is an example of my unboxing video:

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