My second 3 months in Bali (Photostory)

Hello world! What’s up? Where are you? I’m still in Canggu, Bali where I have been also three months ago when I published My first three months in Bali (Photostory). This part of text and photo is content… Read More

My first 3 months in Bali (Photostory)

Hey world! How are you? I’m fine, sitting in my garden in Canggu, Bali and doing a summary of my first three months in Bali. I haven’t been writing about my life Bali so much because I was… Read More


Digital Nomads & The Remote Work Revolution (Infographic)

Hi nomads! I would like to share an infographic made by BargainFox which I found online and I think that it’s useful. It shows nicely all kind of factors that influence the remote work revolution & digital nomad… Read More