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Are you looking for a remote work because you want to live in different locations, pursue your passions or simply experience the digital nomad lifestyle?

I’ve been traveling for 4 years now and I’ve been working remotely for two years. My digital nomad job is: I work as a freelance content and social media marketer. It’s basically the same type of work that I used to do before traveling, although my place of work used to be an office in Copenhagen. When I started traveling long-term, I changed my lifestyle and I started working independently and online only. I offer my services to small business owners worldwide and besides that I’m developing this blog.

I know how hard it is to find quality clients or remote work positions. I would like to help everybody who is just starting by sharing links to websites that promote remote or digital nomad jobs and also by sharing stories of real people who made it happen.

Links to websites that promote remote work and digital nomad jobs:

Hubstaff Talent – Hubstaff Talent is a 100% free resource for companies looking to find remote talent across the globe. No fees, no markups, no middlemen.

Remotive – A newsletter on Remote Tips & Jobs sent every two weeks to 20,000+ Remote Workers.

Remote OK – You can post a job or look for a full-time or part-time job in your field.

We Work Remotely – Is the place to find and list jobs that aren’t restricted by commutes or a particular geographic area.

Working Nomads – A curated list of remote jobs, for the modern working nomad. – Everyday more companies are hiring remotely. What was once only an option for programmers and customer service agents is quickly growing to all industries and many functions.

JobScribe – Every morning sends you a list of the best job openings at trending tech startups. – A job board focusing on digital and tech remote jobs.

Remote Working – For people that don’t like to go to work.

Scripted – Where marketers and writers work together. Scripted has the best writers and tools for creating original content. – Millions of small businesses use Freelancer to turn their ideas into reality.



Examples of jobs that my digital nomad friends have



I met Alicia from Guatemala in a hotel where I used to live in El Tunco. She used to spend lot of time on her computer, so after some days of not interacting at all I asked her: “Do you work online?” Her reply was clear “Yes, I do! I’m a customer service agent at Fiverr and I work remotely.” We clicked instantly and I invited her to my “pool office” (that’s a workplace I used to have in El Tunco). I enjoyed sharing my experience with this smart and friendly young lady. Alicia has been working remotely for two years now while she has been traveling and changing her office space. She shared that she felt in love with Istanbul where she stayed for some time. It felt great to share my digital nomad experience and challenges with someone who had experienced the same and had fresh and motivating point of view. So to bring you more of Alicia’s insights, I did a short interview with her:

What do you do as a digital nomad?
I work as a Customer support agent at, a startup company. A marketplace for freelancers.

What do you love about this lifestyle?
Difficult to choose just one thing. Stories, probably would be on the top. I’m fascinated with the stories people live and share with me. I also like being aware I have options, the freedom to choose my own way. The opportunity to keep learning & discovering.

What are the challenges of this lifestyle?
Every day is a challenge, to push myself outside my comfort zone, planning next destination, find reliable connection, cheap tickets, the best way to move from A to C and keep working. Also, constantly saying “goodbye” to family & friends and to practice the philosophy to let go my personal attachments.

If you want to find more about Alicia, her work and experience, I recommend to read this ARTICLE in (However, only available in German).

Thank you for the interview Alicia! Safe travels and lot of energy for your job 🙂

bali_szarka_graphic designer
Bali is a very creative freelance graphic designer ( and a passionate outdoor photographer.

Zuzana is a super skilled digital nomad and a professional who has broad skills in SEO and managing remote teams.

Viktor is a passionate traveller who loves digital nomad events, e.g. Nomad Cruise. He runs a web platform and a traveling online magazine


Candice Walsh is a freelance travel writer, copy writer, and creative writer from Newfoundland/Canada. Candice is an editor at Matador Network, the world’s largest independent online travel magazine and also the Lead Writing Faculty at MatadorU. She awards students with hugs and free candy and bum slaps 🙂 I met Candice in El Tunco in El Salvador and we exchanged our travel blogging experience. I hope to meet her this summer in Berlin, where she’s planning to stay for some time. Good choice Candice! For more inspiration check her story and her blog:


Photographer at the caves in El Tunco/ El Salvador.
Meet my friend Lyz from Canada! Lyz works as a freelance accountant – she “moved her office” to El Tunco/El Salvador where she’s spending the canadian winter. Lyz is a passionate surfer and she is also my pilates buddy.


    I would like to introduce you to Roman from Russia. He is the first and maybe the only digital nomad that I’ve met from Russia. He’s been traveling through Latin America for a long time and now he shares the same passion for El Tunco and the waves as I do. Are you interested in what he does for living? Roman is a professional (online) poker player!


    Jairo is from Guatemala and he is a web designer. He’s been living as a ‪#‎digitalnomad‬ for some years now. He loves to travel and surf, so he’s been looking for different surf spots around the world. In the past year he lived and traveled in Spain, India and Indonesia. His current location is El Salvador where he will stay for some time…


    Meet Richard from USA! Richard travels on his motorbike and he has a booking agency for psychedelic-garage-surf bands and he works with Burger and Lollipop records. Isn’t it cool? I think that it’s about time to discover psychedelic-garage-surf music!

    More to come… The plan is to add a new digital nomad every week 🙂 Do you want to share your story? Write me:

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