On the road again!

The time has come. After months of talking about my south american trip, planning, being excited and having some doubts, I am at the airport in Vienna. I can’t escape anymore, because I am almost inside of the plane ­čÖé I am flying first to Madrid, where I am going to have a 5h stop over. It’s exciting, because I have never been to Madrid and I will go for a walk in the city center. Around midnight CET I should board again and fly to Buenos Aires! Yet another continent is waiting to be discovered by me. The plan is to not have a strict plan. I am going to stay some days in Buenos Aires and than head to Uruguay…
…I have to go now my dear friends. Thank you all for support and I will try give you some news as soon as I can. This is so exciting!
P.S. I managed to pack “only” 15kg backpack and I feel proud of myself – usually it’s much worse ­čÖé
Ciao Europe!!!

My first unboxing video ever

This is a video that started everything. My two girlfriends Ivica and Hana came to visit me to Copenhagen and Ivica brought me a gift from her newly opened shop slavica. And because at that time, I was so excited about unboxing videos of gaming headsets (I used to work in that industry), I had to demonstrate them, how to do an unboxing video. So I did an unboxing video of the gifts that I received and Ivica recorded me on her camera. What initially started as a joke, ended up in a serious travel project – I will try to “unbox” my trip and the local products or services that I “meet”.


    This video is also unique, because it is in my native language – Slovakian! I hope that you find it nice ­čÖé


There are no shortcuts to any place worth going. Beverly Sills