Sunset in Cabo Polonio in Uruguay

I just came back from Cabo Polonio where I spent four days. Thanks to everyone that has recommended to visit this place, it was really worth it. I will write a detailed post about this special place and share a new “Unboxing Uruguay” video with you, but before that I just want to post some sunset images. I know that it is cheesy, but isn’t it beautiful? 🙂

Rio de la Plata – between Argentina and Uruguay

A short story from today: I am sailing on a boat between Argentina and Uruguay. The boats name is Silvia Ana! Who would have ever thought that I will travel to Uruguay on a boat that has the same name as me? 🙂 I can still remember the geography lesson when our teacher Mr. Mezei made a “blind map” and we had to put the right name to a huge bay between Argentina and Uruguay. This is the widest river in the world – with a maximum width of about 220 kilometres – the river Rio de la Plata is the confulence of the river Uruguay and the river Paraná. It was just yesterday when I was having lunch with Maria’s family and we drove along the river, when I realized where I actually was. Such an incredible feeling that this time I am not travelling with a “finger” on a blind map, but actually being here right now! Sailing on a “Buquebus Silvia Ana” boat that cost me around 280 Argentinian pesos (40Eur) one way. I bought it last minute and they gave me a tourist class, no idea if there is another cheaper one… But I had to accept, cause I was anxious to get on board.

Uruguay, as a destination was not initially included in my plans. I don’t even now why. My friend Manoela from Porto Alegre (Brasil), was the first one who told me to go to Uruguay. And as I started talking about my trip loud, there were more and more people that recommended going to Uruguay. The plan is too firstly stop in Colonia, which should be an old town with colonial architecture. And later, continue to for a quick stop in Montevideo, where I will return later for the weekend. But my big plan is to get to Cabo Polonio. From what I understood, it should be a place that is fairly remote from the civilization and it should be harder to get there. But of course, as lot of travellers go there, I am not expecting that it’s abandoned or very wild. I just don’t feel like staying in a very touristy place like Punta del Este.

Finally, I went to “Perota Chingo” concert last night. Another great recommendation from Maneola. The band consists of two Argentinian girls and other members from Uruguay and Brasil. I felt in love with this group, after seeing their video shot exactly in Cabo Polonio. During the concert, they played songs from different South American countries and the atmosphere was magical. Everything started to match… It’s time to discover Uruguay and make it to Cabo Polonio! Yeah!

Cementerio de la Recoleta

I am in Buenos Aires where I got on Tuesday morning. I love that feeling of landing in a new country, when I don’t exactly know where to go. I had instructions from my first host Maria, to take the bus “Manoel Tienda Leon” and get off close to Retiro station. And there I met my first travel buddy – Dan from Colorado. Happy that I got to Buenos Aires safe and on time, I offered him a typical Slovak shot of “hruskovica”. My dad always packs some for me, saying that it will cure my unexpected problems (he mainly refers to stomach issues). I use it as a tool to “get closer to people”. Luckily, Dan accepted the shot and we both celebrated our arrival to Argentina. And my trip was ready to start 🙂
Maria came to pick me up and until now, was very hospitable and explained me a lot about Buenos Aires and Argentina. Lucky me!
It is too early to summarize my feelings about the city and “unbox a local product”, so I would like to share a photo gallery from the most beautiful cemetery that I have seen so far. It is called Cementerio de la Recoleta and many of Argentinian famous people found their last address her. Among them, the First Lady of Argentina from 1946 until her death in 1952, Eva Perón.
I highly recommend to visit this place and get lost in the small alleys of marble facades, beautiful angle statues and a bit scary open windows into some ones tomb…