top places around the world

My TOP places around the world

When I started Unboxing Traveller I was all crazy about traveling.

I was about to go on a first long-term backpacking trip in South America.

My journey started in Berlin though, where I got stuck and I spent 3 “uber” inspirational, party and creative months there.

That time, when I launched this blog in Berlin, I didn’t know it was a very special moment and I was going on a much longer journey than I’ve ever anticipated.

I traveled 2 years in Latin America, 1 year in Europe (with work stops in Denmark and Slovakia) and I’ve been living over a year in Bali now.

Maybe it’s that I’m slowly stopping to travel so extensively or maybe I just became nostalgic, but I wanted to share a list and photos of my TOP places around the world with you.

Enjoy and safe travels!
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Digital nomad lifestyle

Digital nomad lifestyle: Will it fit you?

This article was inspired by many conversations that I had with people around the world, who want to become digital nomads, aka who want to work from anywhere, aka who want to be location independent, aka who want to be free (there are so many catch lines these days, hm?)

The more I talk with people about the digital nomad lifestyle, the more I realize that many have a very idealistic or naïve vision on this way of life.

One side of the coin is to have a job/business that allows you to work from anywhere and another side is your character and a skill set. In my opinion, the good thing about being a digital nomad is that you can explore a new country, understand the culture and participate in the local community (because that’s why we explore), you can practice your favorite activity (because that’s what gives us energy) and at the same time you can work form anywhere (because you need to make money to support this lifestyle). Read More

traveling medical condition

Travelling Abroad with a Medical Condition: 5 Things to Do

Taking a trip overseas can be stressful enough at the best of times, but imagine factoring in trying to navigate when you’re under the weather. If you’re looking for advice on how to travel abroad with a medical condition or disability, you’d do well to follow this advice.

Make sure you have enough medication with you

Always prepare for the worst when it comes to a holiday. Disasters can strike at any moment – and one such issue which could arise might be the sudden sparsity of the medication which is keeping you healthy.

You may find your trip extended for an unforeseen reason. If that does happen, you may find the medication you took won’t be enough to cover the delay. Always “overstock” on what you need in case of this scenario.
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