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North America

English speaking North America has some amazing nature and very cool cities. I haven’t been to lot of parts of North America. It’s on my bucket list. I can share my experience from spending 8 months in New York City. What I can definitely recommend is the Latin part of North America – Mexico. Amazing country with welcoming people, strong culture and very tasty food.

Central America

Central America is a great part of the world to travel as a solo traveler, backpacker, surfer or “just” a tourist. My favorite countries are El Salvador, Nicaragua. I admired the beauty and culture in Guatemala. I loved the beaches of Costa Rica and the amazing San Blas Islands of Panama. Belize was a different experience, not only because they speak English there…

South America

The 7-months long trip in South America was a legendary travel and experience for me. I quit my job, I packed my backpack and I left. I didn’t have to sell anything, cause I had nothing. I left my bicycle on a street in Copenhagen for someone else and I bought a light laptop and a good camera. I traveled in Argentina, Uruguay, Chile, Bolivia, Peru, Ecuador, Colombia and Venezuela. I can’t summarize my experience into one sentence, but should I be forced to do so, I would say: “South America is a fantastic continent, that immerses you into its beauty, warm hearted people and many different cultures that test you and challenge you to be more human.” I love you South America.


This is my continent. Boring, old Europe. Haha! Not true 🙂 I can travel the world, but I will be always European in my heart and soul. Especially East European 🙂

Where I’ve been and I haven’t stopped yet!
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