Diary from Kyrgyzstan

Welcome to my 12-day diary from Kyrgyzstan, a country of many mountains and many nomads. The reason for visiting this Central Asian country was to discover beautiful nature and find more about the local nomads and their culture…. Read More

World travel checklist: How to Prepare for a Travel Abroad?

I’m going to travel very soon (well, I travel most of the time) so I thought about sharing my knowledge and a checklist about “How to Prepare for Travel Abroad?” I had it in my notes for a… Read More

Rozhovor s Unboxing Traveller: Stredná Amerika, Mexiko a Život ako digitálny nomád/Rádio Slovensko – 7.1.2015

V tomto rozhovore (január 2015) som rozpávala o cestách a zážitkoch zo Strednej Ameriky, surfe, Mexiku a životnom štýle cestovateľky a digitálnej nomádky (cestovanie a práca počas cestovania). Sorry guys, this interview about Central America and Mexico and… Read More