Happy New Year 2015!

2015: Time to Take Another Leap of Faith

A lot of people wait for the right moment to start something. They feel that they are not ready. They postpone and postpone. Do you know what happens then? Nothing. So instead of starting something, they do nothing…. Read More

How is it to travel and work at age 19?

Verena from Germany is one of the sweetest girls I met traveling. She is so young (19 years old) and so smart! I met her in hostel Mondala in Puerto Escondido in Mexico. It always surprises me when… Read More

The Kombi Traveller

I met Stav (29) on Zicatela beach in Puerto Escondido in Mexico. The reason why I started talking to him was that I really liked his dog – Kimba ☺ Very soon I found out that Stav was… Read More