Infographic: Top cities for working remotely in 2018

When we think of work, we think of a 9-to-5 activity accomplished inside the four corners of an office somewhere in a metropolitan city, surrounded by cubicles of fellow workers as you all type away heaps of documents on a computer until quitting time, and then repeating this scenario over and over until you’re sixty and up for retirement any day soon. And while some companies do try to mix things up with activities, aesthetically-pleasing offices and function rooms, or a dynamic culture with people who are so full of energy all the time, it remains that this is the image (and quite possibly the reality) that many have about working.

Baby Boomers and Generation X know this scenario all too well — they’ve lived through boring desk jobs since the day they entered the workforce, and wouldn’t probably have any qualms about it because, after all, work still brings food to the table and a roof over their heads.

But for the especially-adventurous — whether they are Millennials, Generation X, or even Baby Boomers, being stuck in the same place for most of their lives is unappealing, so much so that the option to work remotely has risen as a trend among jobseekers and job holders alike. This is especially true for 68% of Millennials, who reported that an option to work wherever they please greatly increase their interest in specific employers and companies.
Of course, this is not the only reason why working remotely is attractive to jobseekers, but it can be considered as one of the primary. And to truly reap the benefits of working remotely, many have opted to take on one of the most dynamic ways to work remotely: traveling.

Looking for the best city to go to for the best work-life balance? Here are the top picks this year, as seen in this infographic by Venture With Impact.

Top Cities for Working Remotely in 2018 (Infographic)

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