Digital Nomads & The Remote Work Revolution (Infographic)

Hi nomads!

I would like to share an infographic made by BargainFox which I found online and I think that it’s useful. It shows nicely all kind of factors that influence the remote work revolution & digital nomad lifestyle and some “remote work friendly” companies.

The infographic focuses on a comparison of living expenses in London and Canggu/Bali. I don’t now that much about London, but because I live in Canggu right now, I can say that the estimation of living expenses is realistic. You can get the accomodation and food/drink cost down, it only depends on your preferences and a will to live/eat cheaper, more simple or further from the beach. I would add one more fixed cost and that is the visa fee which is around 50 USD/month.

Canggu is a great place to meet like-minded people and to do all kinds of outdoor activities, e.g. surf. There are some challenges like the heat and internet speed, but it’s something that it’s possible to live & work with 🙂 Bali is nice and although it is a very touristy place and there are problems with garbage, I believe that it has it’s magic and most importantly it’s a good place to stop for a while.

Enjoy your travels and say hi if you’re in Canggu 🙂


Digital Nomads & The Remote Work Revolution

Made by: BargainFox

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