Blogging: My source of energy and focus

Dear readers, travellers, nomads, babka, dedko and the rest of the world.

I said it before and I’ll say it again: People push me forward.
Thus, I’m back to blogging.

I would like to thank everyone who didn’t give up on me, who sent me emails with questions or who has recently recognized me on festivals in Slovakia or on the streets of Bratislava. Since April I didn’t feel like writing longer posts because I went from a phase of having too many unorganized thoughts into a phase of not having thoughts at all. You all are my inspiration and that gave me such a big push that I can blog again and hopefully much more than ever before 🙂


What was the reason behind my creative break?

I was very immersed into my life in El Tunco in El Salvador, tired from surfing, and exhausted from socializing with friends… I was also focused on various freelance jobs and it was very hot there (seriously!). You’ll hear more about these “challenges” in the upcoming blog series.

Celebration of my “lifestyle change”.

Exactly 3 years ago I quit my job and left the office in Copenhagen. I started this adventure as a backpacker, and I realized quickly that there was no way I wanted to return to my previous lifestyle. Life gave me an opportunity to meet a person who inspired me to work freelance. On top of that she inspired me to work online. Wow! That was my dream and the vision of being location independent started to be clearer and clearer. But if you had told me 3 years ago that I would be a “digital nomad”, I would have said: “Give me a break, I’m living in the moment and enjoying my travels!”

So since the old office days, I spent 3 months in Berlin and then I started a journey that was surreal: 7 months in South America, 2 months in Slovakia, 4 months on a temporary job in Copenhagen, 8 months in Central America and Mexico, I visited New York and Istanbul, after that I spent 4 months in different countries in Europe and the last 6 months I spent in Mexico and El Salvador. My dream came true.

Dream. Explore. Realize.

The reason why I shared the summary of my travels with you is not because I want to massage my ego or to show-off. I just want to say that whatever your travel (or other) dream is, it’s possible. The most important thing besides planning (at least a bit) and budgeting (I am realistic) is to do the FIRST STEP. What is your first step to realizing your dream?

If you don’t risk it, no biscuit. Quote by Jesse, travel buddy from Australia

next step

And what is my NEXT step?
Do you know that feeling when everything is just fine, you’re living your dream and suddenly you don’t know what to do next? That’s what happened to me in El Tunco. The “hunger” between what I have now and what I want to achieve was gone and that was one of the reasons why I didn’t write at all. Until I visited Punta Mango – very peaceful and beautiful place in El Salvador. Suddenly, my hunger and inspiration was back and I saw a light at the end of a dark tunnel. (Hehe the writer in me wanted to sound a bit dramatic).


Believe it or not, I don’t feel like traveling that much, I feel like spending some time at home in Bratislava. Ok, at least the next 2-3 months 🙂 I rented a table in a co-working space or I should better to say in an atelier in Cvernovka. I want to expand my services as a freelance marketer, and most importantly I want to write many stories and share it with you.

What can you expect?
A new story will be published every Thursday and the themes are:
Long-term traveling/living abroad (e.g. What are the challenges, How will it make you stronger, What can you learn? Quick vs. slow travel)
Digital nomad lifestyle (w.g. Pros and cons? How to be a digital nomad? Can you be really free?)
Solo female traveler (e.g. Is it hard? Is it dangerous? Some tips and tricks)
El Salvador (e.g. Why has this small country touched my heart and made me stay for so long? What can you do there? Is it dangerous?)
Surfing (e.g. How does it feel like when a 30year old central european starts surfing? -> This will be a funny one 🙂

The content will be based on your questions that received since I started traveling. In case you have some more questions, please send it here: Also, I just started a newsletter, so don’t miss a post and subscribe HERE 🙂

Thank you all! I’m sending you good vibes from Bratislava and wishing you safe travels ☺


About the Author
profile_blogThanks for reading this article 🙂 My name is Silvia and I’m form Slovakia. I’m passionate about entrepreneurship, marketing, traveling, surfing, photography and I’m in the search of the best ways how to combine it all. Over the past 3 years I changed my lifestyle completely. From an employee in a larger company I started freelancing and working online to be location independent. What drives me is the idea that if I want to, I can book a ticket and go surfing anywhere in the world and stay as long as I want. Also, I gathered lot of content and ideas inspired by beautiful people, places and products. I blog and organize presentations about these topics. Safe travels!

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