Just another Friday afternoon in El Tunco – photo essay

Inspired by the ocean, great waves, chilled Friday afternoon and most importantly by the locals and other travellers – I took my camera and I did “Just another Friday in El Tunco” photo shoot. I want to show you the place that I love and where I will always return. I discovered El Tunco in April 2014 during my second Central American trip and from the initial 3 days I stayed 6 weeks. I came back in February 2015 with a clear purpose: work on my online marketing studio and this travel blog, create an outdoor office lifestyle, surf and live a simple life. So far so good 😉 Enjoy the photos!

My lovely El Tunco Beach.

La seňora that sells banana bread in El Tunco

Oh yeah!

Nice wave!

Lea from Israel


El tubo! :)


Locals chilling and washing clothes in the river!

Fishing - oysters.

Sunny waves :)

Surfer and birds. Peace.

El Seňor Ostras :) This man sells oysters in El Tunco beach.

El Salvadorian girl and our sunset spot.

Tom from Canada.

Django - the cat and surfboards :)

Someone is surfing and someone is enjoying beer.

Ken - the dog - and friends from the hotel.

Men at work.

Daddy, I don't want to swim!


El Suzal point. This is where I surf.

Joe - the squirrel.

All pictures belong to this website @Unboxing Traveller. In case you want to use some of them, please let me know.

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