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One month ago I gave myself a task – to put together a list of my TOP 31 places. Why 31? Because I turned 31 on 31 July, week number 31 of 2014. So I thought that this could be a good number for a summary of my travel experiences thus amazing places that I discovered while traveling.

I didn’t have any special approach to this task, I created a list of places that stayed in my heart and mind for different reasons; places where I spent great moments with people that I had fun with, amazing nature that I’ve seen and admired or things that I’ve learnt thanks to this place. My list is a combination of very personal experiences that happened in those places or places that were simply beautiful or cities that inspired me a lot.

Now comes a moment when I want to discover the “TOP” place!!! And the “Oscar goes to”… as much as I tried to find my “TOP” place, I couldn’t find it. I was thinking about it for a month, I waited for a sudden inspiration that would tell me – this is the place where you are the most happy, it’s the most beautiful and you are surrounded by all these amazing people that love you and you love them. And I found out that there is no “TOP” or a perfect place. The “TOP” place is actually where I am right now in this moment and my own ability to find balance. It’s my life, it’s my own presence, my own journey.

Living in the moment while traveling is definitely the most inspiring and exciting thing that I’ve done, but it’s also so intense that it’s exhausting. I am a traveler and I will hardly change that, so for now I’m accepting that my “TOP” place is actually the place where I am right now – with all it’s ups and downs, because each place is different and so are the people that enter, stay or leave my life and I can’t expect perfection. And when I’ll pack my backpack again, because I feel so, I will open my heart to a new place. Otherwise I could also stop traveling and settle down? Who knows? I’ll keep updating my list and maybe one day I’ll know the answer and share with you.

Until then, follow my travel adventures and stories. I’m going to leave Mexico very soon and do a little “big-cities” tour. Stay tuned ☺


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