How to travel safe?

This weeks question is one of my favorite πŸ™‚ “How do you make sure that your travel is safe?” Well, there is no one recipe because everyone has a different style of traveling and a different way of looking at things. I am a solo female traveler, but I’m hardly alone, because I like to partner with other travelers and travel with someone. Of course that there are occasions when I am on my own. For all travel situations, I put together a list of 10 tips for safe travels:

1. Listen to your instincts and do a little research – don’t have fear when traveling. Learn a bit about the place where you’re traveling before you get there.
2. Stay healthy – eat well, exercise and have a needed vaccination. It’s not worth to eat unhealthy when traveling.
3. Walk in a company when it’s dark – don’t party alone or go home alone unless you’re already familiar with the night life of the place you’re staying at.
4. Don’t leave your stuff unattended – have your daypack always with you or leave it only with people you trust 100%.
5. Put your money in different spots – it’s recommended to have insurance.
6. Take official taxis only – ask about the price before the ride.
7. Choose recommended hostels.
8. Scan your documents – save it in your email account.
9. Be aware of the traffic – different country, different manners and different drivers.
10. Respect the nature – mountains, ocean or jungle can be stunning, but it can also surprise you in a negative way.

I hope that this helps, let me know your questions or comments below. Safe travels to everyone πŸ™‚


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