Is boarder crossing safe in Latin/Central America?

I got a question today and I want to share the answer with all of you: “IS THE BORDER CROSSING IN CENTRAL AMERICA SAFE?” My answer is YES, but I always crossed the border that was recommended by the locals. Sometimes I cross the boarders on my own (Panama –> Costa Rica, Costa Rica –> Nicaragua), which means that I arrive to the boarder by a local chicken bus, walk through the boarder, get all stamps and take a chicken bus to the next destination. Last two times I crossed the boarder in a private shuttle by Gekko Trails Explorer and I didn’t have to walk through the boarder (Nicaragua –> El Salvador, El Salvador –> Guatemala). The price of the shuttle was OK (30USD and 25 USD) and it saved me lot of time. So there are options how to do this, there is also a big company called Tica bus that goes through all Central America and stops in the capital cities. I hope that it helps!

What is a chicken bus? See the photo. It’s cheaper, more local and much more adventurous.

Chicken bus

Chicken bus

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