Unboxing in Panama – typical products

I’m traveling again, discovering new countries so it deserves some new unboxing videos! What are unboxing videos? I was inspired by many unboxing videos from the consumer electronic world, where different hosts unbox/present new products, their features and in most cases they also review the products. In my case, I’m trying to present or discover new products or services typical for the country that I’m visiting. I love when I find something new and unique, I think that it’s very important that we distinguish different cultures and ways how we do things and we won’t have the markets flooded with global products only (boring, hm?). If you want to find out more about my project, check out this: What is unboxing?

While I traveled in South America I unboxed different products in 6 countries. Now it’s time to present Central America and I’m really really happy that I did a new video in Guna Yala (San Blas) islands in Panama. As usual, it was a very spontaneous moment, when I involved my fellow travel buddies and we did a funny “Coco loco” video. This videos should be also about fun, I don’t want to be a serious presenter, so I hope that you’ll like it and you’ll find something new about Panama – especially about Guna Yala territory, their typical product and the ways how they use it there. What am I talking about? Check the video:

Photos of a typical product from Guna Yala 🙂

Coco loco aka Guna Libre

Coco loco aka Guna Libre

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