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Time flies. This is the last week in the office this year and I realized that I should be slowly getting ready for my next adventure in Central America. I have to make a check list of the things I need to take with me, buy an insurance, find some nice couchsurfers in Panama and make a new playlist for the long bus rides. Actually, I´m not really sure how long will the bus rides take in Central America, but it South America it was pretty crazy. A short bus ride was approximately 8 hours, a medium long bus ride was around 15 hours and a very long bus ride was 22 hours and more. This is for many Europeans an unbelievable situation. I found it kind of ok, because it gave me the opportunity to see the continent through the window and it was amazing to observe the changes between the countries. It´s also a way how to save money on accommodation – to sleep in a bus, but in that case I didn´t see that much 🙂

More pros of the bus rides were that I got into some pretty deep conversations with the locals (it´s good to speak the local language!) and I met lot of travelers that were going the same way. There were some situations when I didn´t enjoy to be in the bus (dirty toilet, smelly bus), but in general the buses in South America were ok, because I didn´t travel with the cheapest bus companies. Funny enough, I actually traveled with the cheapest bus companies in Bolivia and Peru and that was an experience on it´s own hehe

Broken bus in Bolivia

Broken bus in Bolivia

I think that my longest bus ride was around 30 hours in Patagonia. I did an experiment, I took a picture of my face BEFORE in Bariloche/Argentina and AFTER in El Chalten/Argentina… You can observe that the long bus ride significantly damaged my face and my smile 🙂

Bus ride

And what really helps when you have to travel 30 hours by bus? MUSIC! For everyone that is going to travel by bus (not only in South America), I want to share my TOP TRAVEL music playlist that I usually listen to when traveling:

Eddie Vedder – Into the wild soundtrack

Janice Joplin – Greatest hits album

Alle Farben – different gigs

The Roots – Phrenology album

Bob Marley – everything, I love reggae & Bob

Richard Muller – my favorite Slovak artist

I hope that you´ll be inspired by my TOP travel music list and I´m looking forward to hearing about your musical travel tips. And maybe when I´ll travel in Central America, I´ll listen to the music that you recommended 🙂 Viva musicaaaaa!

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  1. Hola!! Excellent soundtrack! Now even I want to hop into a 30-hour bus ride 🙂 I hope you got my email with some contacts in Panama/Nicaragua? And as for other music tips: Zero 7 for road trips, Pablo Milanes for happy moods and Chavela Vargas for not so happy moods 🙂 Beijao,

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