Decision taken – Hola Central America!

One year ago, on 27 November 2012, I landed in Buenos Aires. I´ve never traveled for such a long time before, but I wanted to try it badly and I didn´t mind traveling alone. I saved enough money, had some contacts and I bought a new backpack and tracking shoes 🙂 And yes… before I traveled I started this blog – the Unboxing traveler – a travel blog dedicated to local products and services. And nowadays also offering lot of tips for you! I just wanted to try how is it to be a travel blogger, have a sort of diary of my travels and also to have some project while traveling. What I didn´t count with was that thanks to my blog I will meet so many interesting and inspiring people and that I will also position myself as a TRAVELLER! And travellers do what? They travel 🙂

I don´t want to be too official, but I would to announce some stuff:
– I want to say HAPPY BIRTHDAY to my 1 year old blog and also celebrate 1 year´s anniversary since I started my South American trip. I wrote 71 blog posts, have a bank of 5000 (quality) photos and I traveled 21 000km by bus in South America, muy impresionante jeje.
– I want to say THANK YOU to all followers of my blog or the Facebook page. Lot of you are my dear friends who always support me to go after my dreams and lot of you are people that I never met in person. I find it very interesting to share my experience and inspire you, like you inspire me.
– I´m going to travel again! I bought a ONE-WAY TICKET TO PANAMA. My second big adventure starts on 13 January 2014 and the plan is to travel Central America. This time though, I will be more open to opportunities like staying somewhere and doing some voluntary work or starting my own project (marketing/tourism/photography). HoopRelief project (bring joy and play to children in Palestine) is a great start of my development/communication activities. And as you know me, I´m looking for a place where I can surf. I´m probably the worst surfer ever, but as the guys from the Venezuelan national surf team told me “you have to be a surfer in your heart”. So I guess that I am.

My next adventure in brief 🙂

– Finally, I wrote a little story about the decision taking to travel again. If you feel that this story can inspire someone that has a similar thoughts and needs a little “kick” to realize her/his plans, please share it with this person. I always believed that together we´ll go further and at the end we’ll meet on some beach 🙂

Story behind my decision to travel again:
My contract at Sennheiser Communications is coming to its end I decided that I won´t stay longer because at this stage of my life, I want to travel, explore and perhaps use my skills in more travel or development oriented activities. But what I also want to say that I´m not one of these people that don´t like their current (office) jobs and talk about quitting and going traveling. I still like my job and I always mention my colleagues, because I learn a lot while working with them. I have to admit that it was a hard decision to leave again. When I came back from South America I was convinced that I´ll make some money and travel asap. But getting back to the stable life, salary and being closer to the people I like, made me think a lot. Do I want to go and loose the time I can spend with my family/friends in Copenhagen or Bratislava and loose the possible job opportunities?

So I thought about it for some weeks. And there were 3 friends and 2 travel bloggers that kicked my ass to travel again. Btw, I don’t know these two travel writers in person, but I hope that I’ll meet them one day.

Questions/Quotes that helped me realizing what is it at this moment that is fits into my plans:
I asked: “What should I do with my life?”
Sivert: “Continue living!”
I thought: Ok, what is living for me right now? Traveling means living to me.

Janice told me a sentence that I used before in this article: “Do what fits the stage of your life.”

And finally one of my best friends Madula asked me: “Can you imagine traveling with a deadline?”
I answered: “No.” That’s why I bought a one-way ticket ☺

The 2 travel bloggers who inspired me are:
Chris Guillebeau : I’m just reading his famous book “The Art of Non-Conformity” and I got answers or inspiration to lot of questions that I’m asking my self these days. It’s mainly business related, I recommend reading this book if you are planning to go your own way:

Nomadic Matt: I follow lot of travel bloggers, but usually I look more at their photos than read their articles. I don’t even know how did I run into these two articles, but they made me happy. They gave me a good perspective on the topics of “running away” and also having “destination relationships” hehe. I love this term, but in the long run I would like to meet someone with a similar lifestyle or a direction like mine ☺
o Article: Everyone says I’m running away
o Article: Love and Romance on the Road

With these words and tips for articles, I’m saying goodbye and stay tuned. I want you to be part of my central american adventure, please give me some tips and who knows? Maybe we’ll meet somewhere, the world is small.


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6 Comments on “Decision taken – Hola Central America!

  1. Happy Birthday UNBOXING TRAVELLER and Congratulations, Silvia! You couldn’t make a better choice. It feels good to be lost in the right direction;) Direction Panamá!

    • Thank you Veronika!! Thank you for following my blog, alebo dakujem, ze ma sledujes hehehehehe 🙂

  2. Happy traveling! Those two guys are very inspirational..I follow them for some time along with making plans for my future travels. I would recommend a site These guys are currently in Costa Rica and are sharing great tips.

    • Thank you Maya 🙂 I’ll check the website. And I’m looking forward to hearing about your future travel plans 🙂

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