First days at work – after 13 months career break

How does it feel like to be back in the same office, look at the same computer and drink coffee with the same colleagues after a 13 months long study/travel break? I’m not going to lie to you, it feels like I’m in a movie, that I’ve seen many times…

So how did it all happen? Some of you, dear readers, know that I’ve been living in Denmark for 4 years and the last 2.5 years before the break I worked for Sennheiser Communications in the marketing/communications department. Everything was fine, I liked my job, my colleagues and good friends that I have in Copenhagen. I didn’t leave to be a rebel and show that I can do it another way (ok, maybe a bit yes :). I had a travel dream that didn’t want to disappear. And why should it disappear without me taking an action and doing something about it? It’s good to dream, and it’s even better to realize the dreams…
I quit my job. I spent 3 inspiring months in Berlin, where I did a language course and admired street art and in November 2012, I finally flew to South America. I realized – the legendary – trip of my life. South America was an incredible experience that proved that I can travel alone (but I was hardly alone), that when I believe in the kindness of people, I will meet kind people and that there is a big truth in “the power of now” and enjoying the presence with everything what it brings. I also understood that it’s fairly tough to start a relationship when traveling, but that is another story. Maybe a blog post one day? 🙂
Besides all of the named above, I discovered the mountains, admired wild life, had fun with street dogs and confirmed myself that I want to dedicate more time to surfing, thus live somewhere on a beach and surf every day. One day… I will do it one day…

Surfing is freedom, an absolute connection to nature. Almost like flying!

Surfing is freedom, an absolute connection to nature. Almost like flying!

The come back to Europe 2 months ago was very positive and besides writing my blog and guest posts for other websites, I jumped directly into several volunteer jobs. Just a note, these jobs were not paid, but I worked for accommodation and food and lots of fun included. I slept 2 weeks in a tent at Roskilde festival where I worked as a volunteer for Roskilde graffiti. Afterwards, I spent almost 2 weeks in a crazy room in Berlin (sorry Matuuus & Lucia 🙂 preparing the communication strategy and tools for HoopRelief and finally I spent one week sleeping in a van and touring Slovakia with the HoopRelief project and helping my friend Madula to make the walls of her new house. I also visited my parents and grandparents and did a little road trip in Slovakia. There was not one day in the past 13 months that was the same. And what now?

Maybe it sounds like I’m making a drama out of returning back to the office after having so much freedom. And yes, I have to admit that it’s difficult to imagine that I will work from Monday to Friday and have only the weekends for some little trips. On the other hand, I’m grateful to have the opportunity to go back to work, drink coffee with my colleagues and sit by the desk that has an electronic switch that moves the desk up and down. Good old Denmark! 🙂 Finally, I never really talked about money so far, but I do spend money when I’m traveling, so I do need to make money. I’m also kind of looking forward to slow down a bit, enjoy everyday life with my friends here and work in the team. This is planned for the next months, but I can already see myself surfing somewhere in Central America next year… Who knows? The dream goes on, life is exciting, it’s all about being open to the new opportunities and grab them. Peace.

At work - Sennheiser gaming headset on and ready to play again! :)

At work – Sennheiser gaming headset on and ready to play again! 🙂

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