People push me forward

This is going to be a bit different post than I usually write. Today is exactly one year, since I left my office job at Sennheiser Communications. Exactly one year from going to work from 9-5 and drinking great cappuccinos with my colleagues (yes, we had the best coffee machine in Denmark!). The reason for quitting my job was not because I didn’t enjoy it. The reason was to realize my big travel dream and discover South America. Taking the decision wasn’t easy, because I seriously liked my job and I also liked my colleagues. And it is them – my colleagues – who I would like to dedicate this post to.

Hm... tasty cappuccino. But the Sennheiser logo is reversed, Ronald I need your help! :)

Hm… tasty cappuccino. But the Sennheiser logo is reversed, Ronald I need your help! 🙂

Colleagues are a big part of our life, they are our closest professional partners and many times become our friends. It’s normal for employees, working in big companies that they are in contact with many colleagues and sometimes it can be frustrating, because it’s not easy to be always correct or friendly. There are moments when you just don’t feel like it. One the other hand, there are many people who work as freelancers or self-employed and they don’t necessarily have close circle of colleagues. They are free of team work, but don’t receive a push or feedback as much as when working in a team. I guess that both ways work fine, I like to be surrounded by people.

Yesterday, I had a meeting with my friend Lucia, who I’m helping to develop a communication strategy, for her new exciting project (more info coming later). Lucia is working on her own and is also active in the hula hoop community. She mentioned that during one workshop, she met people that understood the mission of her project, supported her ideas and finally motivated her to realize the dreams. That made me think of, that it was actually my old colleagues who motivated me to spread the wings and fly ☺
During the last office day, they even prepared a surprise presentation for me – talking about me as I would be a newly launched travel headphone with a product number SP 1983 (these crazy headphone names hehe) – I was moved to tears. I would like to say thank you to “my girls” Anke and Janice, the funniest graphic designer ever Ronald, world traveller Morten and creative Lars for being there when I worked hard and dreamt silently about traveling. Well, it has come true!

Do you have colleagues, or do you have people that motivate you? I’m sure that you do and in case that you feel like you don’t have them, try to express your dreams and people will push you forward. Of course, the same goes the other way around. Be a motivator for others and help them realize their dreams. People are an incredible source of energy and sometimes a short story can make us fly. Like this press release, that was written about me and it actually became true. I did use couchsurfing a lot and I was a hit among Spanish speaking travellers hehehehehehe. Ka-chao!

The press release about the launch of SP 1983 - the launch of myself as a traveller :)

The press release about the launch of SP 1983 – the launch of myself as a traveller 🙂

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    • Thank you Lars! You know that I’ve seen 10000000 unboxing videos in my life, so I know how to do it hehe. Take care!

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