Unboxing in Berlin, Germany

Berlin is one of my favorite cities on this planet. I’ve been there several times and during 2012 I spent there three months, which turned out into a very inspirational and creative time. It was in Berlin where I finally decided to do my “unboxing traveller” blog, I met Matthias (my graphic designer friend 🙂 who helped and still helps with the design and page functionality. Danke sehr!! The main cover blog image was taken by Josep from Menorca, during a spontaneous moment in Friedrichshein while we were having a lunch at my favorite veggie burger place. At the language course, I met Kate from Australia who helped me proof-reading the first blog pages and I could go online! So easy was it in Berlin. Big thanks for helping and supporting me guys 🙂

What I liked about Berlin was the art scene, street art, electronic music and the cool people from all around the world that I met. There was always something to do, starting from the language classes, never ending cycling trips, concerts, exhibitions, partying and hanging out in the parks. Berlin is also a very liberal city and I have never felt any danger or uncomfortable situation. Ok, I was robbed in the Captain bar on Simon-Dach Strasse in Friedrichshein and the worst thing was that my iPhone was not insured so – money thrown out of a window. It seems like in 2012 I was unlucky, because I was robbed several times in different cities, so it would have been really worth to have an insurance… and take a good care of my stuff ☺

One of the many Berlin disco balls

One of the highlights of the summer weekends in Berlin was the Sunday afternoon in Mauer park, where the flea market and the famous karaoke takes place. Everything from used bikes (make sure they have an official paper that they were not stolen), antiques, clothes, jewellery and food stands can be found. Berlin is also a very healthy and vegetarian friendly city, so it was obvious to see a vegetarian food stand in Mauer park. My preferred one was the “veggie burger” stand that had always the longest queue of people waiting for their food. It was so good, healthy, fresh and good looking! I couldn’t get enough of veggie burgers and this obsession travelled with me to South America. The problem is that I can hardly find veggie burgers, so this is the reason for posting the following video and remembering the good “veggie” times in Berlin. In the video, you can experience the atmosphere in Mauer park and “spend” the last warm October afternoon with me and Lucia. Lucia, who helped me with this video, didn’t want to appear on the screen, so I tried to “hide her” ☺
Enjoy the video and eat veggie burgers in Berlin!

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