How to make empandas

Empanadas are Argentinian national dish. Without any doubt, perhaps only “asado” is more popular here. As I am spending more and more time in Argentina, I discovered that making empanada is very popular activity and depending to which region you go, you will find different types of empanadas – different stuffing and also type of “repulge” (type of design of the pastry).

What is empanada? It is a stuffed bread or pastry, baked or fried. The most typical is stuffed with beef meet (carne), but as I – almost – don’t eat meet, I am always looking for vegetable variations. I like the tuna ones too, but I don’t find them very often. In the begging I thought that there was only spinach and cheese version, but two days ago in Bariloche I discovered the so far so best empanadas stuffed with corn and also with mozzarella/onion.

Lucky me, yesterday I arrived to El Bolson and met a really friendly couple from Buenos Aires, just while they were preparing empanadas for dinner!
I got the full lesson on how to prepare them, so I would like to share a photo story with you. It is really easy: prepare the stuffing in advance (whatever you like), get or make the dough, start filling the dough, close it by making “repulge” and finally bake all empanadas in the oven (really warm at least 180° C). Take them out of the oven, wait a bit to cool down and enjoy your empanadas! Que ricas son las empanadas, hm? 🙂

Photo story:

Empanada dough from Argentinian supermarket

Stick the dough at one side and start filling with pre-cooked stuffing

Close the dough by doing “repulge” – different types of closing, depending on the stuffing. This is also the way how to distinguish different empanadas.

Empanadas before baking in the oven

Empanadas after baking in the oven. Que pinta tienen!

Eat meeee! And don’t forget that wine tastes good with empanadas 🙂

Muchas gracias a Silvina y Christian por enseňarme como hacer las empanadas.

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  1. Me encanto conocerte y compartir las empanadas contigo,saludos y buen viaje querida!!!

    • Muchas gracias Silvina! A mi tambien me encanto conocerles y gracias para enseňarme como hacer las empanadas! Suerte y nos vemos algun día en El Bolson! 🙂

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