21 December 2012 Story – Part one

“I feel you Mother Earth, I feel that you are present inside of me more than ever before”. It is a big change for a city and party girl as I am. Being in the mountains is a truly special thing for me. Before this trip, I choose to be always on a beach or in a big city. But here I am, in the Andes, in Uspallata! When I saw the mountains for the first time from the bus window, I got emotional and I couldn’t believe that I was really here. I’ve been to Buenos Aires, Montevideo, Cordoba and Mendoza so far. And Cabo Polonio, where I had decided to build my little hut in the future. But this is different, this is a real nature. I feel like the main character in the “Into the wild” movie. If I started walking, I could walk thousands of kilometers through the mountains and get to Ushuaia. But I won’t do it, I am not as wild as he was 🙂

This horse came to greet me 🙂

My original plan was to stay in Uspallata for one night only and continue to Santiago de Chile. But you know how it is, one plans something and the nature plans something else. It was not possible to cross through Andes to Chile, because it has snowed too much that day and the border was closed. I returned back to the hostel and decided to stay for two more nights. The reason for that was that next day was the 21 December 2012 – the “end of the world” 🙂 I am not supersticious and I don’t believe in these kind of things, because I don’t think that we are so privileged to be the last ones that lived on this beautiful planet. And for me personally there is so much to discover and the “unplanned stay” in Uspallata just made me to realize this.

This post was written in pure nature

I was actually happy that I couldn’t leave. I was surrounded by really nice travellers from all around the world (France, South Africa, Australia, Canada and Slovakia – me!) Before the 21 December, while returning from the village, we met some people and it turned out that they were group of 30 people from Buenos Aires. They built a camp in the altitude of 3000m and came to this area purely for the 21.12, to meditate the whole day and experience the new energy in the mountains. From all the “21.12.2012” ideas that I’ve heard this was the coolest one. There was a big electronic party in the desert of Atacama, another party at lake Titicaca, but being up on a mountain with a great view is a different “energy” story.

We had also our plan. If we had survived the 21.12. we would go to the Aconcagua national park and after that do asado in the hostel garden. What really happened, read here 🙂

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