Unboxing – Cabo Polonio, Uruguay

It has been exactly one month since I landed on the South American continent. So far so good, I am having a great time, I’ve seen some spectacular landscapes, met very friendly and generous people and had lot of fun. Of course that I had some small travel complications, but that is a part of the whole process of not exactly knowing the culture and being constantly on the move. The most important thing is that I am enjoying the little things with locals (like family lunch on Sundays) and generally realizing the “dream travel of my life”.

One of the plans before my trip was to do unboxing videos of local stuff that I find interesting. It took me some weeks to get familiar with local products and services, but from now on, I am ready to inform you! I am presenting the first video from South America that was recorded in Cabo Polonio, Uruguay. Find out more about the mate, local beer that comes in 1l bottle and alfajor “Marley”. Enjoy the video ☺

Big thanks to Pietro from Switzerland who helped me to do this video. Pietro is traveling by bicycle and when I met him he had a pretty long way after and before him. For more interest, see his blog:

2 Comments on “Unboxing – Cabo Polonio, Uruguay

  1. Nada como una patricia o pilsen bien helada después de haber caminado desde valizas al cabo polonio a través de la playa y las rocas… tuve la dicha de conocer esos hermosos lugares y me han regalado uno de los recuerdos más bellos en conjunto con la naturaleza… ver como salía la luna llena desde el mar (acá en chile como sabrás sale desde la cordillera o desde el este en su defecto), arriba de una gran duna; gigante como nunca y de un color rojo del cual jamás la volví a ver vestida!!!

    Lo recuerdo y se me hincha el corazón!! 🙂

    • Que bonito comentario 🙂 Cabo Polonio es uno de los lugares que no se olvidad nunca.

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