Travelling Bali Alone

Things to do in Bali When Travelling Alone

Travelling alone has now become a trend for many soul-searching travellers worldwide, and Bali appears to be one of the most popular destinations for those planning to embark on a vacation without any travel buddies around. The movie ‘Eat, Pray, Love’ further strengthen this idea. But, unlike Julia Roberts, who was travelling to forget her unsuccessful relationship, many tourists are now going on this one-of-a-kind journey in their lives to reflect and mostly to unwind. In fact, more than 80% of travellers prefer independent solo travel, where over 70% said they fancy international travel than to tour locally. Read More

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Where should I travel for my last minute holidays?

Is it possible for freelancers or digital nomads to go on last minute holidays?

I was thinking about this topic lately as I haven’t been on a real vacation for a long time. Since I’m self-employed I do travel but it’s very different from the holidays I used to have before. When I used to work in an office I had a limited time of vacation so I had to plan very well where and when I wanted to travel to. When I was on holidays I didn’t open my email or touch the computer. Now it’s a bit different because I manage my business alone.

Thanks to working online I have the freedom of taking my laptop anywhere and working from there. Although the idea of working from anywhere sounds cool, I think that it’s necessary to take some time off and recharge my body, mind and soul. Ideally by visiting a new country, experiencing some adventure and most importantly having some time off the grid. Read More


My first 3 months in Bali (Photostory)

Hey world!

How are you?

I’m fine, sitting in my garden in Canggu, Bali and doing a summary of my first three months in Bali. I haven’t been writing about my life Bali so much because I was focused on my freelance marketing work and I’m also writing an ebook about online work & traveling. But…

Friends and readers of this blog asked me many questions about the current “mini-life” that I’m living here, so I prepared My first 3 months in Bali (Photostory) which shows the most important, local, funny or shocking moments that I have experienced so far.


The reason why I came to Bali is the following: To be closer to the digital nomad tribe and location independent people, continue surfing and to avoid the winter in Europe. This is my 4th winter in the tropics and I guess that I got used to it haha. I spent the previous 3 winters and springs in Latin America so when I planned this season, I felt that I was ready for a change.

Bali was not on the top of the list of my dream travel destinations but because it was recommended by several digital nomad friends, I decided to give it a try. After three months here I can say that it was a great choice. I regained a slightly lost focus of my career and business, I met smart and creative people and most importantly I can surf almost everyday and there is a fair amount of fun included too 😉

Enjoy the photostory! It’s divided into 8 different topics so you can scroll down and find what’s interesting for you. Write me questions in an email ( or in the comments below -> so I know better which topics are interesting for you -> so I can continue writing some more articles for you.
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